What's In My Garden Now?

Check out these posts to learn more about home gardening, to get entertained and inspired by our failures and successes, to observe how we manage to get something fresh out of the garden almost year around, and to gain a few tips from me-a Master Gardener, foodie and outdoor lover.  With those 3 qualities put together, you'll find me in the garden!

Our family garden is composed of 16 raised beds (about 4 ft x 10 ft each).  Two-rail split rail and wire fence for deer and rabbits (or rather to keep them out).  We get just about full sun because the garden area is in the middle of our horse pasture.  Eight beds are dedicated to strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, grapes, asparagus and a cutting garden.  The other beds rotate based on the season and where we are in the growing cycle. 

Sometimes we use direct sow seeds and sometimes "starts" (purchased plants to get us started or plants started from seeds in our greenhouse). 

We compost with a grass clipping/chicken coop/pine shaving mixture.  We used to have horse manure and rabbit droppings to add to the compost for a great cocktail.  Actually, with rabbit droppings generously mixed with the hay from the cage, you can directly mulch and fertilize around the plants as they do not tend to burn the plants.

We mulch with shavings, pine boughs, grass clippings, straw - whatever we can get our hands on.

Biggest problems?  Japanese beetles and stink bugs!

Bottom line?  I know we eat more veggies because we are growing them.

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