Sunday, April 12, 2015

What's In My Garden Now? Gimme Five

The first flower on the strawberry plants.  Straight lines of radish, lettuce and spinach seedlings.  Beet tops emerging from the soil. Tendrils of snow pea vines, reaching for the lattice support.  New potato leaves, popping out of their mounds.  #GimmeFive  Oh, and weeds.

Early spring is a such a wonderful time to visit the garden.  Each day, something new appears. I look forward to a visit each day after work.

Clearing out the weeds in the raised beds is hard work (I really need to try a cover crop or black plastic sheeting), but seeing the weed-free, dark rich soil ready for planting is gratifying.  Cucumber starts (from seeds prepped in the greenhouse) went in today.  I place a black one gallon pot with the bottom cut out around each seedling to protect it from wind, rabbits, and to absorb and provide extra heat for the tender starts. I'll remove the pots before the cucumber vines extend past them.

Five in the garden will soon be five on our plates.  Plant now for good nutrition later!

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