Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Chef's Kitchen

When in Williamsburg, VA, you must visit A Chef's Kitchen.  We recently enjoyed another visit there and were again rewarded.  The Chef, with an impressive resume, was inspired by the success of early cooking shows, and launched this business.  It is a cooking class, gourmet meal, wine tasting and dining experience all wrapped up in one.  Best of all (hard to choose that!) is the small, intimate atmosphere where you really feel like you are part of the "show". 

Starting with champagne and appetizers, on to a soup and salad, a seafood course, entrees of beef tenderloin and truffle stuffed quail (currently) and finally dessert, with wine pairings throughout, you leave completely satisfied.  All of this is prepared right in front of you, recipes are provided and shopping and cooking tips are offered throughout.  I say "currently" as the menu changes monthly.

Wines, both red and white, are international and are offered for sale at under $10 a bottle.  That's right, professionally sourced wines at under $10 a bottle.

Check out the reviews on Trip Advisor - it's a top destination in Williamsburg.

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