Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Watch What You Eat. Watch What You Watch.

It's just a good idea all the way around.  Monitoring your kids' media consumption, that is.  I like that phrase better than "screen time" as it connotes that we need to watch what we watch, just as we watch what we eat or what we consume.  Most parents know less TV/video/phone/game/tablet time may mean better grades, but there's more. 

We end up in a positive loop when we limit media consumption.  Better sleep, better concentration, better grades and so on.  And even a lower BMI.  And less aggression.  A recent study reported in JAMA Pediatrics indicated all those benefits accrue from monitoring children's media consumption.  Parents are empowered by realizing that being more involved in their child's media consumption may impact a wide range of healthy behaviors.
I imagine it works for mom and dad, too.  Better sleep, better concentration at work, more time for active play, less stress, lower BMI.  Try it.  Watch what you watch.

Source:  JAMA Pediatrics, May 2014

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