Friday, June 6, 2014

What's Trending for You?

News and topics can be trending-usually because they are popular, controversial, interesting, or worthy.  What worthy trends do you have?  What is trending for you that you can make into a habit?

Choose the top 5 health or wellness related trends in your life.  Here are some prompts:

What do you like to eat, that you know is good for you?
What do you choose to drink, that is a healthy choice? 
What do you tend to do to be more active?
How do you prepare a certain food in a way that is healthful?
When are you at your best, over the course of the day?
What is a seasonal food that you really like?
How do you get your best night's sleep?
Where do you dine out, that allows you to make healthy choices?
What is your favorite fresh vegetable?
What is it that you did on a day when, at the end of the day, you said it was a great day?
How do you season your food?
What food have you tried, that you would like to eat more often?

Now, lock them in.  Take them from trendy to habitual.  Embrace the good things you do in your life.  You might find you have less time for, interest in, room for and appeal in the not so good things. 

Choose your 5 trends, write them down (sticky notes on the mirror work well!), and make them a habit.  Try this with your kiddos.  What is trending in their little lives that is a "keeper"?

Live deliberately. Notice that the root word there is LIBERATE? 

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