Sunday, June 1, 2014

What's In My Garden Now? Tips to Share

It has been a late spring, and it is now June 1, so what am I harvesting here in southern Virginia and what are some lessons learned?
Yesterday, I had a smoothie with almost the last of the strawberries.  Tip:  I put netting over the raised bed this year so I only had to fight off the moles not the birds. Just reach under the net to harvest.

I am also getting nearly the last of the sugar snap peas.  They were great in a pasta salad last night.  Tip:  They did not freeze well at all last year, so I planted just 2 rows this year, not 3.  Harvest when very small and tender and enjoy raw - delish!

Blueberries are just starting to turn blue.  Tip:  I may need to net those so as to beat the birds to the harvest.

The beets are crowning and should be ready any day now. Tip:  push soil up and around the base of the beet plants to encourage them to get a little bigger without the tops getting tough.

In about a week or 2, I expect to have red potatoes, green beans and wax beans, followed shortly by yellow squash. Pepper, tomato, zucchini, cuke, cantaloupe and sunflower plants are in too!

Tip:  I am trying the "bed a day" approach to keeping up with the weeds.  How do you climb a mountain?

The moles managed to wipe out an entire raised bed of red potato plants (12 plants) until I bought a solar powered spike that emits a tone every couple of minutes.  They are not in the second bed of potatoes. Tip:  I read that mulching potato beds encourages little critters, as they have cover to scurry around under.  They are not in the bed that I did not mulch.

Tip:  eat and grow local!

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