Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Scoop, Shaker or Spoon on Sodium

If we are only supposed to have about 1 teaspoon of sodium a day, what does that look like in prepared food?  A teaspoon (or about 2300 mg of sodium) is the recommended daily amount for healthy adults.  Here is a great visual to show you, in photos of common foods, what HALF that amount looks like. In other words, choosing these foods for any one meal will provide about half your daily limit.

Take a look HERE.

It shows you as much about what you need to LIMIT as about what you need to CHOOSE.  For example, limit pizza to 1 and 2/5 slice but choose 3 lean chicken breasts.  Limit a yourself to 2/5 of a Chipotle burrito but choose 9 glasses of milk. See a pattern here?  Limit processed, restaurant prepared foods and choose whole, fresh foods. Remember, you prepare it, you control it-the salt shaker, that is.

See some of your favorites on this page?  Fine.  Enjoy.  But split it, share it or save it (for later).  Make it a "sometimes" food.


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