Friday, April 4, 2014

Eat. Clean. Repeat.

As the primary meal planner, preparer, and provider, do you ever feel like the cycle of meal preparation, eating, cleaning up, and doing dishes is ENDLESS?  Add to that cutting coupons, making lists, shopping, unloading, and putting away and it can seem like quite a chore to provide meals for your family.  And if you "grow your own" at all, you can add planning, digging, planting, weeding, harvesting, washing, freezing, canning and more to that.

It's no wonder eating out is on the rise.

Let's look at just one of those meal related tasks - couponing.  A recent study of online coupons discovered that just 4% were for fruits and veggies.  Prepared meals were covered by 14% of available coupons and, no surprise, 25% of coupons were for snacks, candies and desserts.  The authors posed that grocers can, in fact, influence dietary patterns.
Just like the advice to not buy unhealthy foods - as in, if you don't buy them, you won't eat them - and healthy meals come from healthy shopping carts - don't cut coupons for unhealthy foods.

Similarly, let mainstream dietary advice be the influence on your dietary patterns - make half your plate fruits and veggies.  Make half your grains whole grains.  In this case, in a much more positive, pro-active way, you have to buy it to eat it.  If you fill up your plate (or your shopping cart) with the good stuff, you might find you don't have room for the unhealthy stuff.

Source:  Preventing Chronic Disease, 2013

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