Friday, March 21, 2014

Hot Topics - Lunch Ladies on the Loose!

Hold on to your hairnets!  This weekend is the annual conference for the School Nutrition Association of Virginia.  Many states have these organizations and there is a national School Nutrition Association.
Dedicated lunch ladies (and I say that with pure affection) will meet to learn and celebrate.  Sessions include marketing, financial management, cooking demonstrations, regulatory updates, food allergies, and more.  School foodservice product vendors will offer samples and information about exciting new products.

When is the last time you had lunch in a school cafeteria?

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  1. I had no idea this happened! That is great :) Some of my favorite childhood memories include nice smiling "lunch ladies" and food with my friends :) OK, so It wasn't gourmet faire, but to this "kid" those "lunch ladies" were "top drawer chefs" was their food we enjoyed our first friends away from home :) Thank you for drawing attention to these special people!!!


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