Monday, March 31, 2014

100th Post! An Update to My Introduction

When I was a school teacher, the 100th day of school was always a time to celebrate and it still is.  For the little kiddos, counting to 100 is a big deal and putting it in terms of how long they've been in school makes it a number they can conceptualize.  As the dietitian for a school district, I planned healthy snacks with pretzel sticks and cucumber slices to make the number 100.

Well, this is my one hundredth post. It's time to update my introduction.  When I started this in September, I wrote that I would "just do it" and see where it went.  I've decided the greatest benefit of blogging has been exercising my writing muscle.  Yes, that is a skill that requires training and a blog is a great way to do it. 

Another benefit to me is that it has prompted me to keep up with current research and translate it into layman's terms and practical, brief pieces of information and advice.

In looking at the Labels I put on posts, I seem to write most about Menu Planning, School Food, and Hot Topics (recent research related to food and nutrition).

In looking at the statistics on posts, those about meal planning and family meal ideas seem to be the most popular. Surprising to me, the most popular post was one with a recipe, something that I didn't think I would do much of because there are so many recipes sites and blogs. 

Not too many of you were interested in my backyard chicken stories.  Oh well, they bring me pleasure. Sometimes this blog is as much a journal as it is an advice column.

Another interesting stat is that for the first few months of the blog, Russia, Malaysia and Germany took second, third and fourth spots in the Audience stats that Blogger provides.  Now it is Poland, China in second and third.  Truly the worldwide web.

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