Tuesday, January 7, 2014

School Daze-Boot Camp #2

Here's a follow on to my post about our first boot camp.  We held the second one just before the school winter break.  Our goals were to:
  • create a new recipe using the abundant USDA chicken fajita strips that are provided to us at a very low cost-not a bad product but the students get tired of "Mexican This" and "Mexican That"
  • work on modifications to a Sloppy Joe meat sauce recipe, made from scratch to reduce the sodium content
  • continue to work on basic knife skills as we use more and more fresh produce and seasonings like onion, garlic, peppers and herbs from the school garden which take a little more work than a salt shaker
Our consulting chef started with a recipe from the new recipe book from Vermont's school nutrition office.  The is a great reference for new school cuisine, available here.  I should put emphasis on "cuisine" as this is not the school food you grew up with!  The recipe is called "Chicken Tikki", which is like Moroccan chicken.  With some new and exciting spices like curry and turmeric and a yogurt based sauce, we used the fajita chicken and boy, was it SPICY!  Round two will cut some of the spices, serve it over brown rice to tame the flavors, and try again. We are aiming for a student taste test in February.

The scratch Sloppy Joe sauce was a little sweet for me, and we have already modified it, removing the ketchup (which further reduced the sodium) and adding more tomato paste and low sodium diced tomatoes.  A little vinegar, brown sugar, diced onion, and black pepper gave it just the right flavor.

The team from the school that hosted the boot camp prepared a baked apple crisp for our work session which was enjoyed by all.

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