Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hobby Farm Life - The Food Chain

I guess this post is about food.  Amazing tracks in the snow today.  Took a walk through virgin snow in the nearby state park and saw this.

Not, "What does the fox say?" but "What does the fox drag?"  His tail!
Then upon my return home to take care of the chickens, I walked across the undisturbed pasture.  There were rabbit tracks coming out of the woods in a pattern that curved back on itself and stopped with this.
Look carefully between the tracks and the brown grass spot on the far right at 3 o'clock and you will see the wing pattern of what was probably a hawk who was after the rabbit.  The tracks resumed and then ended, finally, with this.

Look very carefully again and you will see the wing marks again, at about 12 o'clock.  Fascinating.  To me, at least.  Life on a hobby farm.  Love it.

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