Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Chuckles From The Chicken Coop-Hard FROZEN Eggs

We have had several  spells of very cold weather here in Virginia during which the chickens need extra care.  This morning, I took a pitcher of boiling water over to the coop, to defrost their water feeder.  We move the water feeder inside the insulated coop, but in these temps, it still freezes.

They also like to eat in the comfort of their coop, so we move the food in there as well.  I can check and see in the freshly fallen snow that from the lack of footprints in the chicken yard, they haven't ventured out of their cozy coop.

Just like the songbirds on our bird feeders, the chickens fluff up their feathers to stay warm, taking advantage of their built in down comforter.

Today, some of the eggs were frozen in their shells, causing the shells to crack.  However, they weren't leaking because the interior contents were frozen solid, not liquid.  An interesting science experiment for kiddos, I think.

There is so much to learn and experience from life on a hobby farm!

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