Monday, January 13, 2014

10 Tips to Pull Dinner Out Of Thin Air

One of those days?  Try this:

10.  Keep a well stocked pantry. Options are good.

9.  Keep a well stocked freezer.  More options are better.

8.  Casseroles are classic.  Choose a protein (tuna, chicken, ground beef) - or go meatless, choose a grain (pasta, rice, tortilla), choose a veg or two, and choose a sauce.  Bake.  Enjoy.

7.  Include at least 2 veggies - fresh (yes, celery counts), canned (low sodium please), or frozen (you're bound to have peas or corn in there, right?)

6.  Include a grain - the whole thing - bran, endosperm and germ - it takes all 3 unprocessed parts to make a whole grain.

5.  Have your go-to short list.  Things that have worked for you before, that are your dinner winners.

4.  Breakfast for dinner.  It works.

3.  Soup and sandwich a dinner makes. Soup, sandwich, and salad is even better.

2.  PLANovers are the new leftover.  Just stick to the 7 day rule for food safety.

1.  Don't be afraid to fail.  Some dinners will bomb.  No worries.  They won't starve.  You aren't Rachel Ray and no one expects you to be.

Notice that carry out, delivery, and fast food are not on the list.  You can do this, within your budget, and with good nutrition in mind.

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