Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hot Topics-New Year's Resolution

Just in time for new year's resolutions and post holiday budget blues, recent research looked at the cost of a healthy diet.  The good news is swapping less expensive, high volume processed foods for fresher and more nutritious foods cost just about $1.50 per day. 

Analyzing 27 studies from 10 countries, it was summarized that yes, leaner proteins and fresh produce do cost more, but it is a slighter increase than you might have thought.
Less than a latte.  Less than a bag of chips.  Less, on a monthly basis, than a mani/pedi.  Way less than cigarettes.  At $1.50 a day, that's about $550 per year.  Less than some high tech gadgets you thought you needed.

The key is swapping healthy foods for unhealthy ones.  Just like swapping OUT unhealthy lifestyle habits.  Just like swapping more movement and activity INTO your day.  Choices.  Small steps.  Swap-portunities.
You are not adding healthy foods to your diet, you are substituting healthy ones for unhealthy ones - perhaps spending more now - but investing in energy, wellness and the satisfaction of doing the best you can for yourself.  Now there's a new year's resolution!

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