Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Hot Topics-Movie Messages

Heading to the movies over the holidays?  Researchers at the University of North Carolina looked at kid-oriented movies and noted more unhealthy subtle messaging than healthy hints.  Movies featured unhealthy snacks, sugar sweetened beverages, exaggerated portion sizes and negative weight-related messages.

In the 20 G- and PG- rated movies reviewed, unhealthy habits were actually made to seem glamorous.  Inactivity was promoted by star characters watching TV and playing video and computer games.
If you go to the movies, check your own snack, beverage and portion size choices.  Try not to make stopping at the snack counter an automatic thing.  You will save your finances and  your fitness. Yes, you and your family can sit through a 2 hour movie without eating.
Is the answer to skip the theatre and head to the park on a rainy day?  No, of course not.  But model healthy habits and choose active indoor family activities such as indoor jump houses, bowling, skating, mall walking, skateboarding, active video games, swimming, home gym family time, racquetball, and the like.  Find balance in your eating habits as well as your choices for free time.

(Obesity, December 2013)

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