Monday, December 23, 2013

Hot Topics-Have Your Cake And Enjoy It Too

I've written about enjoying food and the fellowship that frequently goes with it. I've encouraged you to be moderate about food choices, with no guilt or compulsions.  I'm in favor of teaching about a healthy diet in terms of whole foods and cooking methods, not grams of this and vitamin alphabet soup from that.  And no "clean your plate" clubs and no "good foods/bad foods".
Here is some research to back up that balanced, healthy approach.  Dieters who felt guilty after eating treats actually gained more weight than those who felt happy about it.  Three hundred females were asked if they were trying to lose weight and if eating a piece of chocolate cake would make them feel guilty or happy.  They were followed 18 months later.  Those who saw it as a celebration were more successful in losing weight.

Guilt can be a diet controlling habit.  Researchers concluded that enjoyment of food should receive more attention.  Yes! 

Have your cake and eat it too, slowly, savoring it, enjoying it - not every day, it is a treat, and treats are meant to be enjoyed.
(Science World Report,, December 2013)

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