Monday, December 16, 2013

Hot Topics-Eliminate or Moderate?

We preach moderation, but does it work?  Recent research suggests it does.  Dieters who continued to eat their favorite treats still shed pounds. This survey by YouGov, an online market research company, polled 2100 dieters who use calorie counting apps.  In this case, the treat was chocolate (yes!) and 91% of men and women who lost the most weight continued to eat their normal amount of daily chocolate.   Other studies show diets with forbidden foods usually make the dieter crave them and eat more of them.  Deprivation doesn't work.

Eliminating "bad" foods doesn't make you want "good" foods.  It makes you crave the forbidden food.  Enjoying things like holiday foods in moderation may be the best way to help you resist them.
Have your pumpkin pie - you only do this once a year.  Enjoy 1 or 2 Christmas cookies a day.  Indulge in an adult beverage if you want, enjoy it, but just one.  No guilt.  No compulsions.  No counting calories.  Enjoy food.  Enjoy fellowship.  Enjoy your holidays!

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