Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Do Dietitians Do It Differently?

Cooking that is.

I think there may be some culinary techniques, menu planning and food prep techniques we do intuitively and inherently, as part of our training, preferences, and habits.

For example, I don't butter my toast, English muffins, bagels or other items that come out of the toaster.  Just don't need it.  Just don't like it.

I absolutely don't like mayonnaise - the "mouth feel" is all wrong for me.

I don't add salt at the table, certainly not before tasting, and I always go for pepper first.

I always go for oil before butter or margarine for sautéing.

I recently made turkey soup and a key step for me is after removing the bones and skin, putting the broth in the fridge to allow a layer of fat to congeal.  Then I scoop off that layer, removing a lot of unpalatable fat.

I take my coffee black, saving thousands of calories on sugar and creamer over the years.

I love water.  It still tastes good to me - I haven't altered my palate with too many diet sodas or other sweet drinks.

I almost always cut the sugar or brown sugar in baked good recipes, just a little, usually they are too sweet anyway.

I think about My Plate when packing my lunch - always including a fruit and/or veg, and dinner - always including veggies. I try to do it a breakfast - adding some fruit or juice.

For most of my baked goods I add at least 1/4 to 1/3 whole wheat flour in place of all purpose flour.  When I do more, the family protests.

Certain things are treats at home:  liver, bacon, sausage, French fries from the freezer, cinnamon buns, Pop Tarts, Oreos, potato chips.  These make it in the shopping cart a couple of times a year (well, actually that depends on who goes to the store with me).  They are "sometimes" foods.

I reach for herbs instead of the salt shaker when cooking.

If we add up all our daily food related decisions (we make thousands of them), and alter many of them to be the healthy choice, the potential for healthier eating is great.  What habits can you ingrain?  What practices can you model for your children?  What small steps can you take in the right direction?

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