Friday, December 20, 2013

Chuckles From the Chicken Coop-Not Funny

I went to check on the chickens and found a pile of feathers.  Not good.  No other evidence of body parts.  These feathers were from the old grey bird that was no longer laying eggs. 

I looked in the coop, thinking she was in there.  But, I found not a chicken but an opossum, curled up, sleeping contentedly after eating several fresh eggs (based on the number of cracked shells in the nesting boxes).  This time is the first time we have had a possum in the coop.

After poking, prodding, and banging around, he or she finally scurried out.  I found a big hole in the chicken wire and patched that up, closing the super highway to fresh eggs.

Based on the lack of evidence of the chicken, I think something larger than a possum may have come through that hole and got her.  Interesting how the predators go for the oldest, weakest prey.  That is the proverbial food chain, up close and personal. 

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