Tuesday, November 12, 2013

When High Tech is NOT Good

How can we get kids to eat healthier and be more active?  For healthy eating, we've already talked about family dinners, eating breakfast each day, and healthy meal and snack planning centering on My Plate and seasonal vegetables.  What about activities?  
Kids need low tech activities - playing outside (yes, just good old fashioned PLAY, not organized travel team sports), gardening, walking the dog, raking leaves and washing the car are outdoor examples.  They need low tech indoor activities too.  High tech indoor activities tend to be sedentary - TV, computer games, phone games, videos, iPad games, Internet surfing, texting.  Low tech activities tend to be more active - house work (yes, chores!), putting away groceries, cooking, and cleaning their room.  Think about life "pre-Wii".  Think about life when you or your parents were a kid.
At the same time, they are learning life skills.  The daily business of life can be pretty active (ask any full time mom) and kids can benefit in many ways from helping with those activities.  One of the most important ways may be contributing to the family "business".

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