Thursday, November 14, 2013

What's In My Garden Now? The Final Harvest

It is a bittersweet day for any gardener when they harvest the last of something.  Yesterday was the last of the fall radishes and the peppers - which I barely saved before another cold night.  Here was the harvest:

It is such a pleasure, after a day in my office with no windows, to come home and check the garden and the chicken coop.  Chores, yes, but a joy nonetheless.  And of course, we had just-picked broccoli and a little radish salad for dinner.

For the remainder of winter, we'll get some more broccoli, lettuce mix and Swiss Chard until harder frosts end that supply and then just collards, until I plant sugar snap peas, radishes and lettuce once again in February.  Maybe I'll try something early and new this year.  Any suggestions?

The seed catalogs will start arriving any day to inspire us gardeners through the winter, as we plan, dream and scheme.  Why don't you join me and if you are just starting out as a veggie gardener, plan a pot or small plot?  Simple pleasures will await you at the end of a long day too.

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