Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hot Topics-Big Bird Bananas

The Produce Marketing Association has partnered with Sesame Street to use the very strong Sesame Street brand to market fresh fruit and veggies.  Growers, suppliers and retailers will be able to use Sesame Street characters to deliver healthy eating messages, without paying the hefty licensing fee.

By partnering with THE Street, as far as kids go, bananas and lettuce will have the same street cred as sugary cereal.  This gives healthy fresh produce the ability to compete with Tony, Toucan, and the Krispie brothers (Snap, Crackle and Pop, in case it's been awhile).

Influence is power in the marketplace and Sesame Street has that with young eaters who are developing taste buds, brand preferences, and their own influence with Mom.  Who better to prompt an impulse purchase than Big Bird?

This is a win-win for the Association, Bert & Ernie and the kids.

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