Friday, October 4, 2013

What's In My Garden Now?

This is why I grow zinnias every summer.  Freshly cut today!

All this color from a simple packet of seeds.  Cheap.  Easy.  Tall enough that you can get away with not weeding.  Plus, my daughter once said, when she was younger, that she thought they were the prettiest flower she had ever seen.  Warms a momma's heart.

You know how they say you look like your dog and you decorate your house in the colors you like to wear?  I also think you choose flowers in the colors you like to wear.  Love PINK!

I was out of the garden for a week due to a family emergency.  Wow.  Tomatoes are done, for the most part.  I think I'll make fried green tomatoes with what is left because I am losing the race with the stink bugs.  As soon as they turn reddish, they bugs are drilling into them.  Yuck!

Had to do a little watering, which is unusual for October, but it gave the broccoli and collards a boost.  Radishes look great - if only I had the heart to thin them - it is so hard to pull out a perfectly healthy, cute little plant so that the others around it can get bigger.  At least I can give the pulled plants to the chickens!  Mesclun lettuce and Swiss chard are slow - probably due to lack of rain.

When I pull the rest of the tomato plants, I'll top dress with a nice compost mix of grass clippings, chicken poop and pine shavings.  All that goodness will soak in over the winter.

Every season in the garden is a joy!

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