Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What's In My Garden Now? The Simple Pleasures Of Life on a Hobby Farm

What a pleasure to come home from work after a long day of meetings and head out to the chicken coop and garden and gather a basket of fresh eggs and veggies.  Here is today's harvest.

Not bad for a late fall day!  Look at the rich colors in the mesclun lettuce mix and Swiss chard.

Show the picture of the radishes to your kids.  Did they know they have such a long root?  Did they know they have such lush tops?  Or did they think they only came trimmed, cleaned and in little bags?

And I'm happy to say the new chickens are finally laying in the nesting boxes!  They had been laying on the floor of the coop, in the pine shavings, requiring us to climb under roosting branches to retrieve the eggs.  Maybe they like the warmth of the boxes, now that it is cooler outside.  We are down to 5 chickens, with 3 currently laying, and we are getting about 2 eggs every other day.

Simple pleasures.

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