Friday, October 25, 2013

What's In My Garden Now? Freeze Warning!

We have the first freeze warning tonight.  All my fellow gardeners and I will be scurrying around to bring in potted plants and tropicals, to pick the last tomatoes and peppers, and to cut the last flowers. 

The first freeze is good news for the collards, as they say they will be sweeter after a few frozen nights.  Can't say I've noticed in past years.  I'm not quite a collards' aficionado yet.  The ones I made this past weekend - before any freeze - were delicious.  Of course, my recipe calls for a pinch of sugar!

Our Potting Shed

My husband built this wonderful potting shed.  The morning glories (started from seed!) overtook it this year.  There are huge windows on the north facing front and the west facing side for full sun all day.  It allows us to keep ferns and geraniums from our porch "inside" over the winter.  This year we will try to overwinter lantana and a beautiful rose tree.  We can start seeds in the early spring in the big, sunny windows.  He has also been known to buy shrubs and perennials at the crazy late fall 70-90% off sales at the garden center and keep them in there over the winter.  It is not a heated space but the exposure allows the sun to keep it nicely warm.  Not quite a greenhouse, but almost.

How does your garden grow?

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