Thursday, October 24, 2013

School Daze-Hash Tags and Tweets

To follow up on how I "kept it real" for high school students (see my blog post from last week), let me tell you how the nutrition classes went.  They liked the assignment to create a hash tag about why fiber is important in your diet.  My example was #fiberfills.  From the students, we had the not unexpected poop related one liners, demonstrating they clearly got it.

After looking at clear plastic tubes that showed the sugar and caffeine content of energy drinks, they were asked to Tweet something to their friends about what they learned.  One student Tweeted, "I'll stick with water".

I think they got a kick out of counting out the 20 sugar cubes of sugar that are in a 20 ounce bottle of  Mt. Dew.  They realized that the at-a-glance nutrition information in the Nutrition Facts box is for an 8 ounce serving and that they had to multiply by the 2.5 servings per container to "keep it real" for the amount they usually drink.

They were pretty impressed that our program had just hired a social media intern to help us reach high school students. They were similarly impressed that I knew about things like Instagram and Vine - thanks to my own teenagers.

If only one could predict what is next on the social media horizon. We need to stay one step ahead of the obesity epidemic by being innovative and responsive.  This is true for children, young people, and adults.  What is the next healthy eating or physical activity fad, food, tool, app, game, etc. that will help us get our message across?  Who knew that McDonald's would respond to positive industry and parental pressure and cater to children and change its Kid's Meal?  Who knew that kickball would make a comeback for young adults?  Who knew that My Fitness Pal would help adults monitor their intake and output?
What's next?

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