Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Poll Results!

Survey Says . . .

The first F4 poll asked what is your favorite fall/winter veggie.  For all 8 (!) of you who replied, the winner was winter squash, followed closely by broccoli.  Kale and collards were a far third (where are all my Southern readers?)

Perhaps it is the wide variety of winter squash that has broad appeal.  Acorn and butternut recipes abound.  I just pulled a butternut squash lasagna recipe from a magazine that I would like to try.  Plus, with winter squash, there is the license to add butter and brown sugar and make it almost dessert like.

Two of the veggies I listed in the poll were ones I have grown successfully in my garden in the fall.  Broccoli and collards are easy to grow.  Kale is too.  Kale is getting quite popular in the form of kale chips - just toss with olive oil and salt and pepper and roast till crunchy.  Kale also works well when chopped and added as a healthy ingredient to many common dishes. 

The fourth choice in the poll, mesclun lettuce, is also easy to grow in both the spring and fall.  Mesclun means mixture and the seeds provide a mixture of tender, young salad greens - great to add to your salad to spice and color it up.  They germinate quickly and can be cast in a container.  Try them in a pot outside your door where you will be more likely to snip a few while they are young and tender and delicious and add them to your salad.

Grow it, try it, like it!

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