Friday, October 18, 2013

Hot Topics-Report Cards

Report cards are about to come out for our children.  We received one too.  The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), a nutrition watchdog group (among other things), gave Americans a "C" for our eating habits.  Check out our report card.  Using USDA data to compare current eating habits to those of 1970, we are eating more grains and about the same amount of fruits and veggies.

Let's take a look at My Plate.

Comprising over a quarter of the recommended plate, eating more grains could be a good thing if they are whole grains.

But eating the same amount of fruits and veggies could be a problem.  Take another look.  Veggies are the largest recommended food group. 
For most of us, fruit consumption probably needs to shrink a bit and veggie based meals and snacks needs to increase.

Beef consumption is down but cheese is way up at 23 pounds per person (interestingly, that's almost exactly an ounce a day).

Bad news?  Fats and oils are up (it must be all that EVOO madness).  But we have moved away from the saturated fats.  Good news?  Sugar and sweeteners are down (probably replaced by sugar subs - so I'm not sure we came out ahead).  But we are still drinking too much sugar in our sugar sweetened beverages (SSBs).  Not just sodas but lattes and frappes too.  Is this you?

Alarmingly, calories are up 450 per day since 1970.  Using the guideline that a pound of fat has about 3500 calories (and simplifying the math), if that excess caloric consumption were consistent, we could be gaining almost a pound a week over our parent's generation.  Things that make you go "hmm".

A "C" is average.  Let's not be average.  Do your homework and make some changes.  Thirty years is a long time.  How will the report card look for our kids in another 30 years?

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