Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Feeding Your Family

We had a meeting today at Trader Joes.  Having just come off the fiscal cliff of feeding 3 teenagers, and thus 5+ adults, I had for the most part thought TJ's was pricey.  Most containers and packages are small for 5 adults which means I would have to buy multiples.  (Just to keep you up to date, two of those mouths are now at college and unfortunately, tuition is more expensive than groceries.)

We were talking about doing grocery store tours and cooking classes with them, and our friendly Crew Member pointed out some great products.  I have to say Trader Joe's (or any store's for that matter) frozen veggies offer great options to expand dinner and to pump up the nutritional content of dinner.

I frequent TJ's for their sauces and spreads and cute pastas.  After today, I would add their prepped veggies.  I am usually an advocate for not purchasing prepped items - and thus paying for the cost of someone else slicing and dicing.  But I must say, when time is short, ready to go pre-cuts are a great option.  We have been defaulting to eating out when the dinner plan isn't preset and I know, even with the cost of prepped veggies or other short cuts, it is cheaper to eat at home.  A stop at the grocery might be a better option than eating out.

This ending up being a $69 meeting as I always multi-task and tossed some items in the cart while we did our tour.  But I'm stocked up on a few go-to items for adding flavor to my dishes, some great snacks, and fresh spinach for tonight's salad.

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