Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Cooking Clubs-Get Your Kids In The Kitchen

Cooking Clubs start next week!  We have 6-week, 1 day-a-week after school cooking clubs in our schools where students learn basic food preparation skills and receive healthy eating messages while they try new foods and new recipes. In our middle schools, they are called "Chef Challenge", with a made-for-TV style cook off at the end.

This year's theme is All Stars.  I chose the kid, family and cafeteria manager (they teach the clubs!) favorites from the past 7 years of cooking clubs.

We start slow with basic recipes and then step it up.  Here is the first week's recipe for elementary students:

Counting Sheep (Serves 1)
 1 large cauliflower floret, washed and trimmed
2 cheese sticks
Cream cheese spread (lite or whipped)
Cover the bottom of the cauliflower with cheese spread.  Cut the cheese sticks in half and attach the 4 pieces of cheese to the cauliflower to make legs.  Dip 3 raisins in the cheese spread and attach to make eyes and a nose.
Source:  National Dairy Council – Chef Combo’s Fantastic Adventures
I wonder what you would call this if it were made with broccoli?  Get your kids in the kitchen and have fun!



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