Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What's In My Garden Now? Mid to Late September 2013

September 21:  A thorough nighttime rain really perked up the collards and broccoli.  Anticipating a nice broccoli harvest in time for my broccoli casserole at Thanksgiving Dinner.

September 20:  Finally, some green peppers are ready!

Week of September 15:

Mesclun & romaine lettuce seeds planted
Radish seeds planted and emerging
Broccoli starts-this has done really well in the fall in the past-very tender!
Collards starts
Late tomatoes (Rutgers) & Roma tomatoes are coming in
Green peppers-seem slow this year, not ready yet!
Raspberries-just finished their second yield
Zinnias! Always bright and beautiful!
Asparagus ferns are tall and full-need to read about what to do with those?!
Waiting for space to plant turnip green seeds as a cover crop - plus the chickens love them!
Wish I had room for kale!

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