Saturday, September 21, 2013

What Was For Dinner Tonight?

In keeping with the tips presented in my post "Menu Planning 101", tonight's dinner was:

Fresh Corn - because my daughter stopped at a farm stand on her way home from college for the weekend

Grilled Steaks - and I specifically defrosted 3 for the 4 of us because some of us prefer smaller portions of meat

Pasta Salad - made with the colorful noodles that include a half serving of veggies (RONZONI Garden Delight) and with veggies from our garden

Banana Bread - for dessert - because I can't stand to throw away bananas and banana bread is just too quick and easy.  It calls for 2 cups of flour and I use 1 1/2 of all purpose and 1/2 of whole wheat.  It calls for sour cream and I use lite.  I usually cut back on the sugar a little bit (don't tell my husband).

And there you have it - dinner! 

Take-away tips:
  • think about your veggies and fruit first
  • plan on smaller portions of lean meats and protein
  • go for the whole grains
  • go with what is fresh and in season
  • Enjoy a family meal around the table!

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