Saturday, September 28, 2013

School Daze-School Gardens

I am so excited about the potential that school gardens offer:  links to standards based curriculum, outdoor education, hands on learning, mini field trips, community service, parental involvement, cooking club lessons, environmental education, intergenerational projects, local business sponsorships and more.  Here is an article about one of our school gardens from July 2013:

As our school gardens evolve, we even see the most local food you can get (grown on school grounds!) at the best price (free!) for our cafeterias.  We have successfully harvested and processed red and green peppers, prepping and freezing them for later use.  We have supplemented school garden harvests with product from local farms to provide the side veggie on the menu, such as roasted potatoes.  We have had adequate harvest of some crops such as lettuce mix to provide the side salad for the entire school.  And you can imagine how excited the kids are to eat something grown in their school garden!

Try this at home - if they grow it, they will eat it!

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