Thursday, September 19, 2013

An Introduction to F4: All Things Food: Food, Farms, Fun, Facts

Food, farms, fun and facts.  That about covers the things I want to blog about.

After stewing over the who, what, where, when, how of starting a blog for years (really!) I decided to "just do it".  My teenage daughter started a blog and a high school friend has a blog entitled "Today I Started A Blog" so those were some of my prompts to "just do it".  Plus, I watched "Julia and Julie" (or is it "Julie and Julia"?) last night - a blogger AND foodie film if there ever was one.  If you never start something, you can never do it.  (Not very profound, but you know what I mean.)

So, food is the common thread of the topics of interest to me - and I hope to you!

Between my work as the Registered Dietitian for the Child Nutrition Services department of a school division and my home life as a wife, mother of 3, fruit and veggie gardener, and hobby farmer, I have thoughts (and more!) to share.

Farms - we live on a hobby farm which is the source of many stories -mainly funny- to come. Plus, I am a Master Gardener so I may have a few tips for you.  And I coordinate our school division's farm to school program - another source of some funny stories as well as success stories.

Fun - eating should be enjoyable.  I develop curriculum for cooking clubs and classes for our students and families, to teach the basics of food prep, healthy eating and nutrition.  The enjoyment that the kiddos - and parents - get from the classes is gratifying.  Plus, as a Registered Dietitian, I want us to return to the joy of eating and get away from the compulsions, guilt, and obsessions over calories, grams and other units of measure and back to eating and enjoying good food (and growing it, but that's a tale for another day.)  You'll read more about the fun and pleasure of family meals, the fun and enjoyment of having your children help you in the kitchen, and the fun and satisfaction of eating a healthy, wholesome meal.

Facts - As a Registered Dietitian, I feel compelled to share and interpret current research related to food and nutrition.  Some of it will fit right in to "Hot Topics" posts as I try to keep you up to date (thereby keeping me up to date).  With all the TMI, misinformation, and information overload out there, I think I can offer some good, solid, mainstream advice.

So bear with me as I get started.  It's a journey, as my yoga teacher says. 



Please, let's start the conversation. Let me know your thoughts, opinions and questions.