Monday, September 23, 2013

Chuckles From the Chicken Coop-They Say Don't Name Your Chickens

Tater and Whitey.  After owning 40+ chickens over the years, those are the only 2 we named.  Our adventure with chickens started with buying 12 Andalusians, unsexed.  We quickly culled the roosters (a story for another day).  We then found out that breed is known for their feathers more so than their eggs.  We still have one of the original Andalusian hens.

Over the years, we added Rhode Island Reds, sticking with pullets (egg laying hens).  They are the consistent big brown egg layers.  We also had 6 Americaunas that lay the colored eggs - mostly green, from our experience.

So, back to the named hens.  Tater was the all time favorite, a little Bantam with striking reddish-brown feathers.  She laid cute little eggs.  Though small, she was large and in charge.  She would waddle around the outdoor chicken yard, fluffing her feathers to look bigger.

My daughter worked for Chick-Fil-A and for a company Christmas party, she took Tater as a "gift" for the manager.  Boy, was he surprised when he opened the box.  Tater was the life of the party and loved every minute of it.  She loved to be held.  She was one of our originals and we had her for about 4 years.  Then she got sick and we nursed her in the basement for a few days, to no avail.

Whitey was, of course, white.  Another little Bantam.  Cute as a button.

They say don't name your chickens, but it does help with the fond memories. 

Who knew having chickens could be so entertaining?  My husband will occasionally sneak up on me at the coop, catching me talking to "my girls".  When we let them out to free range and I go out to that part of our little farm, they come running, following me like little ducklings.  When I approach the coop with kitchen fruit and veggie scraps, they start singing and chattering away.  When I throw grubs from the garden into the coop, they scurry around trying to steal the grubs from one another, looking like a Powder Puff football game.  Okay, so I'm easily entertained.

The best part?  An endless supply of fresh, dark yellow yolked eggs that make the most stunning, flavorful scrambled eggs or omelet you can imagine!

Check out your locales' ordinances for keeping chickens.  It's a hoot!

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